Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Fire Engine & Learning to Crawl

Ok, lets try this crawling thing, I'm up on all fours now what

Yes Mum, I'm still here, but getting tired

Oops, fell down... there is no instruction manual telling me what to do next

Oh well, maybe next time

My new Fire Engine, now if only I could figure out how to make it move

13th September...

Well there is only a week left and Mum will be in America. She's going for two weeks, but that means that Dad's in charge and we can have some awesome fun together. And Jean is coming back to look after me. I'll miss you Mum, but it also looks like I'm going to have lots of fun at the same time.

What's been happening lately, I pretty sure I told you that I missed day care two days last week. I've been slowly getting over my cold, its taking a while. It must be the weather. Some days are nice and sunny and others its pouring down all the time. Not even the dogs want to go outside its that wet. Its not really cold, but its not warm either.

What did we do on the weekend... the Upper Hutt Spring Festival was on. They blocked off the main street and there were people everywhere. It was so packed Mum and Dad got separated all the time. Wasn't much there, and there were too many people :) So we went into the Mall to get Mum's book, had some lunch and went shopping. Mum and Dad brought some new bar stools for the kitchen and they brought me a cool new toy. A fire engine to ride on. I was trying to make it move but just couldn't figure out how. Maybe when I'm a bit older. Saturday afternoon Mum and Dad were putting the stools together, quite funny really.

Sunday was a slow day, doing things around the house. We didn't go out, Dad took the dogs for a walk again, he seems to do this every weekend... I was going to go, but then Mum wouldn't let me. She said that I still have a cold and it had started and stopped raining, so I wasn't allowed. Oh well next time. I decided I'm a big boy now, and don't need an afternoon sleep. Mum keeps thinking I do, cos she tells me that when I get tired at 5pm I have to suck it up and wait till 6. I tell her I don't want to wait, and she tells me I should have had a sleep. HMMMM!!!! I hate it when she is right. I did have lots of playing time with Dad and some quiet time too.

But now its Monday and its back to day care. (Yawn) time for a sleep, more later

Luv Scott xxxx

Monday, September 6, 2010

2010-09-07 Photos

Uncle Rob went to London not that long ago and he brought me back this cool top!

When Dad was mowing the lawns on the weekend it was such a beautiful day that Mum had me outside too, but then she put these silly things on my head, but for some reason I couldn't hear anything after she did.

7 months old today... wait for it, I'll be a year soon and Mum and Dad will have to throw a party!

I wasn't trying to get into Dad's new gun safe, honest, just because the keys are in the lock doesn't mean I was trying to get it, I was just looking at it!

Me and my Granddad having fun

Home sick again

Well hello everyone, today is Tuesday and again Mum has me home from Creche. That's two days in a row. I just want to go and see my friends, who cares if there is stuff running out of my nose all the time and I'm coughing alot. Really my friends won't care...

Parents, who'd have them, I mean seriously, who'd have them. You get a wee bit sick, ok maybe I am sick, it has been a week, but still its only a cold, why can't I go to creche. I swear Mum doesn't listen to me.

I was just looking at when I posted last, my gosh how quickly time flies. It's Tuesday already, the weekend has come and gone and tomorrow its the middle of the week. We didn't get up to much on the weekend. Mum and Dad took a drive out to Otaki just to have a look around. Mind you it was a beautiful day, we walked the streets a bit (its full of outlet shops, so that's all I'm going to say about that). We had lunch at a cafe and I watched all the people going past. We then dropped off my car seat and portacot at Emily's Nanette's house. Why is MY car seat going there... I pretended to be asleep so I could find out more. Emily I couldn't find out anything, so still not sure what's happening!!!!! I'll post more on this when I find out, something fishy is going on, and I'll have to put on my James Bond outfit to find out.

Saturday afternoon was quiet, Mum and Dad did stuff around the house... Oh yeah Dad finally mowed the lawns... I watched him... but when he got the weed eater out and started it up, I didn't like the noise, Mum had to give me a cuddle because I was a bit scared. After a while it was ok... the lawn mower didn't bother me... Mum had me sitting in the stones out the back, I had lots of fun playing with them... I tried to put a couple in my mouth but Mum just caught me... damn it I thought I was being sneaky, but she was watching.

Monday came around too fast, Dad is in Auckland for work, he stayed there last night, so I was a bit unsettled for Mum... but we did ok. I didn't have an afternoon sleep yesterday cos i knew something was wrong and then worked it out when Dad didn't come home... that's when Mum told me he was in Auckland... Why couldn't he have taken me, I want to see Emily!

Oh well, it's Tuesday now, and I'm currently pretending to be asleep so I could sneak the computer to write on my blog, but soon enough Mum will work it out, so more from me later.

Luv Scott xxx

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Catching up after the weekend

Well, I'm sneaking in a little internet time while Mum isn't watching because I haven't written for a while...

So what's been happening, Grandma and Granddad came down last weekend. I had a great time. Mum took me out of creche on Friday so I could spend some time with my grandparents. I had lots of fun with Grandma in the morning. I was suppose to be going to sleep, and I saw Grandma walk past my room... hehehe so I giggled and she came in and got me up. Yes, I have Grandma wrapped around my little finger!!! about an hour later I went down for my sleep, they went out after that... and by the time they came back I had waken up and played with Mum, had lunch and decided I was tired, had I known they were going to walk in the door I would have stayed awake. Still there was plenty of time...

Friday afternoon, Mum, Grandma and Granddad were just relaxing and chatting... I swear Mum talks so much she could coax the petrol right out of the car, its embarrassing really. Anyway, Dad came home from work, well you could call it work, he had a happy hour that lasted an afternoon. He was a some kind of beer feast thingie... lots of different beers he was telling me later.

After Dad got home, him and Mum left me with Grandma and went to get some food from the supermarket and oh my gosh Mum and Granddad cooked dinner. Grandma told me on Saturday that it was really nice, it even had chocolate in it.

Saturday morning arrived and everyone went to Brooklyn Bakery for breakfast, but again by the time we got there I was all tired out and slept through breakfast. I tell you, one of these days I'm actually going be awake when Mum and Dad go for breakfast! After breakfast we all went to Mitre 10, and we brought some big plant pots for Mum's ficus plants, although I swear one of them has died, but we'll see. I can't remember what we did in the afternoon... Dad and Granddad moved the side gate, and Mum and Grandma repotted one of the ficus'. The side gate isn't quite right, you can't open it cos the catch catches on the gate... oops oh well... And grandma pretty much confirmed Mum's plant was dead, oops Mum. But on closer inspection looks like the movers damaged it. I'll keep you posted on that one... Saturday night and Dad cooked a venison roast, it was yummy or so everyone told me. Dad even cooked dessert, bread and butter pudding... if only i could have some too...

Sunday saw Grandma and Granddad go back home :( Mum and Dad did something, they don't remember and nor do I. Oh hold on, they went supermarket shopping, Dad brought a microwave cos our one is about to blow up... Well Dad says it won't, but Mum isn't willing to take the chance. So Sunday was pretty boring, well it was for me... except it was another day with Dad home, and that's always a fantastic day.

So the rest of the week... what's been happening... Mum keeps dropping me off at Creche, I've even tried to act so tired at 8am so that I have a sleep at home, to see if she would keep me home... but no... she still takes me into creche... I was Dad's birthdy on Monday. Mum went to Yoga and left us boys to have some "male" bonding time. Not much happened on Tuesday and Wednesday, just normal days. Oh I did forget Grandma Barb finally got skype sorted and I saw her on the computer, I wanted to give her a hug, but Mum wouldn't let me get too close to the computer...

Although one thing I forgot to mention, the neighbours, I know I'm only little, but I tell you... when I wake up in the middle of the night I just can't get back to sleep... The neighbours keep leaving their toliet light on, and it shines right into my bedroom... Mum keeps saying it lights up my room like a Christmas Tree, now I don't know what a Christmas tree is, but my room looks like day time, and I can't tell whether I'm suppose to get up or not.

Thursday comes around and Daddy gets up early, the neighbour's light was on again, but anyway he went to Linton today, and Mum made me go to creche, I even rolled over for the second time ever and that still didn't get me to stay home, oh well I had a good day anyway... Mum got lots of work done and Daddy came home early... Carol at creche told Mum I rolled over again... twice in one day I'm tired already...

Time for bed, tomorrow is Friday, and the weekend weather is suppose to be crap, so it's going to be a weekend inside... maybe we'll do something interesting... I'll tell you all about it on Monday...

Luv SJ xxx