Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dinner wasn't particularly nice, so I decided to show Mum just what I thought of it!
My room, it's mine and only mine

Look at me I'm in the big bath at the new house

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm excited to tell you that Grandma and Granddad Jamieson are coming tonight. But Mum is being a real meanie, she won't let me stay up to see them when they arrive. I'll show her, just you wait, I'll be awake when they arrive no matter what Mum says.

So that's the exciting news for today... the other news, I'm now going to day care, I'm not telling you which one, cos you might come and kidnap me and I'm scared enough that Mum won't come back that I don't need to be kidnapped on top of that!!!! I'm a little apprehensive when Mum drops me off, Carol holds me and I watch Mum leave. Mum says she isn't sure whether I'm going to cry or not. To be honest I don't know either. I do have fun at day care though, well after Mum goes. I have small sleeps, but thats better than nothing. There are lots of kids for me to watch, and I'm starting to get to know them better. They like bringing me toys, which I like too, means I don't have to move!

Mum picks me up at 3 everyday, well she has every day this week, then we come home and spend some quality time together. Mum just lies around while I play with my toys.. Its nice to have Mum so close. Then at 5pm its dinner time, Dad comes home at 5.15 and by then its time for my bath. Dad runs the bath and Mum gets me undressed. Then its play time with Dad in the bath, lots of splashing and swimming... Unfortuately Dad has this idea that I'm dirty and ensists on cleaning me. I'm more into the playing than cleaning. After the bath, its into my PJs and sleep sac, which Mum, is getting a bit small. Then its time for a bottle, and I'm so tired that when I'm put into bed, I just fall asleep.

But its almost the weekend, and Mum says I'm not going to day care tomorrow. I get to spend the whole day with Grandma and Granddad... Although I bet Mum wanted to mow the laws tomorrow, but looking outside at the weather, that isn't going to happen. It might just be a weekend inside. I bet Mum will want to go shopping, she always wants to go shopping, but I'm sure I have enough clothes.

Well that's about all, nothing much has been happening this week. Oh did I tell you I can now sit by myself. Mum puts a pillow behind me just in case, but I've only needed it once. I'm such a show off. Wait till Grandma and Granddad see :) Also I think Mum said something about Grandma Barb ringing on Skype so I can see her this weekend. That will be fun, I like looking at people on the computer. I can't kiss them though, which just isn't fair.

I had better get back to playing with the kids at day care... None of them is Emily, gosh I miss her lots...

SJ xxx

Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 16th to 22nd

So last week, it wasn't that long ago, but I can't remember totally what I did. Jean came around on Monday and looked after me. I'm getting use to her looking after me. She is lots of fun, I wish she could look after me forever, well while Mummy and Daddy can't look after me... I still love them best.

I remember now, I went to visit my daycare... The staff were really nice. There were heaps of children there. I spent the whole time just watching the other kids. None of them looked like Emily though. I miss Emily.

Tuesday - today was much the same as yesterday. I need to talk to Mum about this... There is not very much to write about when we don't do anything. I played in my jolly jumper... thats lots of fun. Mum put in me the jumper so my feet weren't on the floor, and then swung me... I laughed and giggled. Then Daddy came home, Mum fed me and Dad bathed me and put me to bed. Ni night Dadddy...

Wednesday - Another day like yesterday, except Mum took dogs for a walk so I was all by myself with Jean... We had lots of fun... I was being naughty and wouldn't go to sleep... it took Mum a whole hour to finally get me to sleep after Jean went home... and then I didn't sleep very long :)

Thursday - Yay something different happened today, Jean, Mum and I went on a trip to Queensgate mall in Lower Hutt. Daddy took a trip up to Auckland. He didn't get to see anyone though cos it was a trip with work so he didn't have much time. I didn't see him when he got home, cos I was asleep. Lower Hutt was fun, we went shopping. Mum brought a dress, and then brought some cool clothes for me... Then the best part, we sat down for lunch... well I had afternoon tea and the girls had lunch. There was so much going on I hardly wanted my bottle. But I wasn't that stupid, I knew if I didn't drink it Mum would take it away, so I drunk it while watching what was going on at the same time. It was a fun day and it was something different :)

Friday - Today was a relaxing day, Daddy came home from work early and took the dogs for a walk, but not before playing with me. It was nice to spend some time with Daddy before going to bed. Mum is slowly cleaning up the house, it looks better and better every day. She has to get it clean, cos Grandma and Granddad are coming and she says its a good excuse to clean the house.

Saturday - Today we did something very unusual, we all got up early and we drove into town. There was a surprise waiting for me... Aunty Kristal hopped into the car. YAY Aunty Kristal. We went to the Brooklyn Cafe for breakfast and then took Aunty Kristal to the airport to go back to Auckland. I had lots of cuddles with Aunty and she even fed me my bottle. I was very lucky. Then Dad went to Partsmaster and we all went for a walk in the Lower Hutt Farmers market to get our veges. By the time we got home I was very tired, so I had a sleep. Dad did some chores outside and Mum cleaned the entrance way. It was a much more exciting day.

The best part, I sat on my own!!!! I was playing with my toys, Dad was behind me, but I didn't need him. I sat all by myself. Yay ME!!! Mum and Dad got really excited and Mum took lots of pictures. I tell you Mum is lethal with that camera. Every time I look at her she seems to be taking photos of me. I know I'm handsome but Mum there is such a thing as overboard.

Sunday was a quiet day at home. Dad went out to Mitre 10. I swear he almost lives there. He's spending all my inheritance in that store. I think there should be a Mitre 10 Anon, Dad would go if there was, cos he spends all our money there. We had lots of family time today. It was nice to spend so much time with both Mum and Dad.

Next week its my first week in day care and Grandma and Granddad come down to visit.

SJ xx

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dad's First week at work

So its now August 9th, Aunty Ang's birthday. We've been in the house 2 weeks, and it still looks like a bomb hit it. The van lines guys have come and picked up most of the packaging, so there are only a few boxes left and the packaging can go out with the recycling, or so Dad says.

Monday morning rolls around and Dad gets up ultra early, in fact he's out the door before I get out of bed, how rude he didn't even say good-bye. At 9am, Jean the new nanny turned up. Mum had a chat with her, I thought she was really nice. So Mum went to work and Jean looked after me. We had lots of fun, she spent lots of time with me and fed me and gave me lots of cuddles, I really like her.

Monday seemed to go so fast, I had two sleeps and woke up and Jean was gone... Then Mum played with me. We were on the floor mat first and then in the exersaucer, we had lots of fun. Orian and Zena even tried to join in... I got to pat them from the exersaucer. Mum then fed me dinner and while I was having dinner, Dad came home. I was very happy to see him. He got to bath me and then give me a bottle and put me to bed. I love my Daddy!

Tuesday was much the same, I'm getting use to Jean looking after me instead of Mum. Its a bit different, but still lots of fun. Dad went to work again today, its different not having him around the house, but I suppose someone has to buy me clothes and toys!

You know 2 weeks ago was so long ago, I can't remember everything that happened. I think Jean took me for a walk on Wednesday, either Wednesday or Thursday. I got to go in the back pack for the first time. It was a bit scary, but still I had fun. We went for a 1/2 hour walk. I think Mum's getting lots of work done, and its fun being with Jean.

On Friday Dad spent the day at home, he had to do some work, but he and Mum went out and left me with Jean. I think they went supermarket shopping, it was probably nice for them to have some time without me, but I missed them. They did come home with lots of yummy food for me, so that made it ok. And also they brought a new toy for me... its a train that has balls that go around and it makes a noise. I've already figured out how to make it go, you just have to press the yellow button... The the balls keep falling down the hole, so I stop them by grabbing them before they fall. Then I just need to make sure that they aren't food, the easiest way to test that is to try eating them, HA.

The weekend was spent at home, we walked the dogs and worked on the house. Still lots of unpacking to do, but the house is getting there. It was nice to spend the weekend just with Mum and Dad. We all spend a quiet weekend at home.. Hopefully next weekend will be more interesting :)

Next week, not sure what's interesting about next week, but we'll see...


Trentham - The first 2 weeks in the new house

Monday afternoon, Mum and I had gone into Wellington City to pick up the keys from Moira, while Dad had taken the dogs straight to the house. By the time we had arrived, Dad was having a good look around, and I woke up. It was a very uneventful opening of the house, considering this was their first, they should have made a big deal about it... but it was almost 3pm and it had been a long trip... and they had to make up my cot and my room!!!! I needed somewhere to sleep, so do they, but they can sort that out later, I wanted my cot... I hadn't slept in it for a while.

The one thing I hope is that we aren't moving around anymore, I must say I'd like to stay in one place for a while. I'm getting sick of sleeping in port-a-cots all the time, I want my own bed.

Well we walked into the house and there were boxes everywhere. My gosh I didn't realise how much crap Mum and Dad have... I don't believe they knew how much crap they had either. Dad and Mum got to work unpacking my room. It didn't take very long and my cot was up, and then the change table, and my dresser. I don't have much stuff, so my room doesn't look too bad. But for some reason there are still clothes everywhere. Come on Mum keep my room clean. Soon enough I was in my cot, with everything I'm use to around me, Mum put up my Thomas curtains, so it looks just like my other room, cept there isn't a double bed in this one... This room is ALL mine!

Over the next week, which Dad had off, the house slowly started to look normal again. We went supermarket shopping, Mum thinks things are expensive down here. She was complaing about rubbish bags, they are $2.58 each and don't hold very much. So Dad sorted out a wheelie bin. Much easier.

By the time Friday rolled around things were starting to move along nicely. There were empty boxes everywhere, the kitchen still wasn't fully unpacked, but enough that they could cook dinner. Friday afternoon and Mum isn't feeling very well. She's lying on the couch not playing with me at all. Keeps saying she is cold, ok we have the oil heaters on, and it's not Auckland, but its not that cold. She has a duvet on and she's still cold. Mum got pretty sick over the next couple of days. So sick she actually went to the doctor. Her temperature was 39.6 C, pretty high... The doc said she has Swine Flu, and basically she needs to take Tamiflu and panadol and just wait to get over it. Not very nice, but there isn't really much she can do about it.

So Dad's first week at work was spent at home looking after Mum and I. I liked Dad looking after me, it was fun. He unpacked the kitchen and did a few things around the house. Mum slept most of the day. But she did spend some time with me... usually I was in my exersaucer and she would watch. By Thursday Mum had started to feel better, she started to play with me thats how I know... but in the afternoon she still slept. She was back on her feet on the weekend, but we just had a weekend at home.

I forgot to tell you about Aunty Deb's birthday, it was on the 3rd of August and Mum and I were suppose to fly up to Auckland for the night, but Mum was too sick. It was a shame cos I really wanted to see Emily, I miss her lots and I'm sure Mum misses Aunty Deb too.

Dad takes the dogs for a walk down at this neat park for dogs, Orian and Zena can actually run around off the leash, they love it, Mum sometimes walks to the road with me and then walks back again, she was still pretty weak.

So that was the first couple of weeks in the new house. I'll post some photos soon, Mum won't take photos of a messy house so you'll have to wait. Next week I had a nanny so that Mum can work. Her name is Jean, but I'll tell you all about her next time.

SJ xxx

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grandma & Granddads

Friday morning was a long morning of goodbyes. Mum had to say goodbye to Aunty Deb and I had to say goodbye to Emily. It wasn't much fun, but then goodbyes never are. But we are coming back up for Aunty's birthday, so it won't be that long...

After a bit we got into the car's and started the long drive to Grandma and Granddad's. Dad was in the truck with Orian and Zena and I was in the car with Mum. Soon enough though I feel asleep. Travelling does that to me. We stopped at Pironga, Mum had to wake me, and Dad was a little way behind me... but it was lunch time and I was hungry. This was our lunch stop and also time to water the dogs. Dad went and got lunch for himself and Mum, but I didn't see what they were eating, I was too busy eating my lunch. The one thing I didn't know, was I would have to get back into the car for another couple of hours :(

The house, now this part is told by Mum cos I was asleep. Everything should have been all set for the house buying today, because I rang the lawyer yesterday and all was in order. So when my friend Moira rang to say she wasn't allowed to pick up the keys, all hell broke loose. Well actually I was rather restrained. Between ringing my lawyer, the real estate agent and Moira, it took about 2 hours to get sorted. Everything was waiting on Upper Hutt Law to sort their SH!T out. They were dragging the chain, and we had to wait 2 hours for them to say yes everything was good, even though my lawyer had faxed through confirmation from the bank to say the money was in their account. I tell you I won't be using them EVER. So after some frustration, more because the movers were waiting at the house, and Moria had given up her day off to sit in the real estate office waiting for the keys, we finally got the keys and the movers could move everything in. Thank goodness and thanks Moira for being their when we couldn't. You're awesome!

The second part of the trip wasn't too bad, I slept for part of it, and about the last hour or so I was awake. Mum was lucky we arrived when we did, cos I was really starting to tell her it was play time I was sick of being in my car seat!! We arrived at Grandma and Granddad's and I was expecting them to come out and greet us, but they didn't. Hmmm what's going on here. Turns out they weren't home. I was waiting all weekend for them to come home so I could give them cuddles and kisses, and nothing happened. No Grandma and Granddad :( I think I remember later Mum and Dad talking about them being away, something about France and England. How dare they be somewhere else expect right here to see me! :) Oh well, I'll have to give them extra cuddles and kisses when I see them next, just to make up for it.

The weekend went by rather fast. Mum and Aunty Anna went for a walk with me in the pram. Dad and Uncle Pete did something else. I went to sleep as per usual, while everyone sat and had lunch in the sun. It was nice just being outside enjoying the sun. We went home, but Anna and Pete came around for dinner laterk that night. Dad got sick, which wasn't very good, spent the whole weekend in bed. We were going to visit Graham and Louise in their new house, and Dad couldn't get out of bed. Lucky he was feeling better on Sunday night, cos we were driving to Wellington tomorrow. But then Mum started feeling under the weather on Monday morning, but we all decided to go anyway. Better to get the trip out of the way, we'd deal with everything once we got to the new house.

Next stop... The new house in Upper Hutt.

Graduation Photo

Graduation photo, aren't I just so damn hansome!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cleaning House

I'm still trying to catch up, but we're getting there...

its now the weekend of July 17th. Mum and Dad have to clean the house in Auckland so that we can move out. The movers are coming on Tuesday to start packing up the house and then its all being put on a truck and going somewhere... Mum said something about Wellington.

So cleaning of the house, Uncle Hadley came around on Saturday, he brought his brother Jeremy and his flatmate Pedro. They moved all the wood from under the house, lucky Hadley's Dad didn't have to come up and cut more wood :) cos Dad had already cut it all up. They took the truck away and Mum and Dad and Aunty Ses were cleaning up outside. Everyone decided it was such a nice day that they would get the outside done as it was suppose to rain all weekend. So much for the weather being accurate, but then it is Auckland. I spent alot of time outside in the sun in my exersaucer, it was nice to be outside having a bit of fun and watching Dad do lots of work.

By the end of the day, most of the outside was done, tomorrow Aunty Deb and Uncle Hadley will be coming around again, but for now I'm going to watch Uncle Rob jump off the Harbour bridge. The harbour bridge jump took ages, and you couldn't really see Uncle Rob jump but he said he had lots of fun, so thats all the matters. Tonight Uncle Hadley and Aunty Ses are coming around for dinner, but I think I'll get some sleep, its been a long day.

Sunday was another nice day, but Aunty Deb and Mum were inside cleaning the inside of the house. Dad and Uncle Hadley were outside again, finishing off the gardens and cleaning the outside of the house. In the afternoon Aunty Kim and Uncle Simi came around with their new dog Katara (not sure of spelling), so she had fun playing with Orian and Zena. That evening all of the outside was finished, they just had the inside to finish. My room still has to be cleaned and the lounge needs to be finished, but we have to wait for the packers to come in first.

I can't remember what happened on Monday, more cleaning if I remember rightly. that's all everyone seemed to do, clean and clean and clean right through until Wednesday night. On Tuesday we moved out of the Ngahue Cres house and went and stayed with Aunty Deb and Uncle Greg. It was so much fun playing with Emily. She's my best friend in all the world. The dogs were very good at Aunty's house too which was a change. Aunty Ses came back and helped with the house, thank goodness for her else Mum would have been really stressed. Dad worked really hard too. The packers came in on Tuesday and started packing up. They finished on Wednesday, but the truck was late. So when the woman came around to do the house inspection there was still lots of stuff in the house, so the inspection had to be put off till Thursday morning.

Mum was stressing as usual, but the inspection went well, we decided not to go to New Plymouth that day, we would spend another day in Auckland and leave on Friday morning. We spent the day just hanging around with Aunty Deb and Emily. Quite nice and relaxing compared to the last week. We went back around to Diane and Steve's place (our next door neighbours) to say good bye. Its really hard saying good bye to people you've got to know so well.

This was the real start of the good bye's. This would probably be the last time we would see the house for a long time, and we'd said good bye to Aunty Ses. Slowly we were saying good bye to our friends, as it would be a while before we saw them again.

Friday morning came around so quickly. Mum and Dad decided to drop Hailey and Michael off at School and Kindy, while Aunty Deb looked after me and Emily. When they got back it was time to leave. It was very sad to leave Emily behind, I would miss her very much. I had big plans of chasing her around the house, but that will have to wait for me to visit and of course for me to start walking, she's got a head start on me.

So this is the last time I'll be in Auckland for a while. Although Mum and I are coming up to visit on Aunty Deb's birthday, so that won't be far away. Now its the long trek down to Grandma and Granddad's in New Plymouth... but that will be in the next installment.

Scott xx

Friday, August 13, 2010

Interbase Hockey

Picking up where I left off, I was on this boat, well that's where I think I was. I was asleep in the car one minute and then the next I'm on this thing that has water all around it. Dad called it a boat. We spent about 3 hours or so on the boat. I tell you flying is much easier, 3 hours and your there. I slept for part of the trip, couldn't be bothered watching the water. I think Dad was bored too, cos he slept part of the way too.

On the other side, Wellington I think, Mum and Dad drove on a motorway up to Upper Hutt. Mum said something about seeing the new house for the first time. I have no idea what she was talking about, but we had a look inside a house, it was nice... I've already decided which room is mine, I don't know whether Mum will let me have it, but I'll just sneak my cot into it and then she'll have no choice. Mum and Dad seemed pretty happy with the house, and after having a look around we got into the car again.

I'm getting a bit sick of the car and my car seat... so I decided I would have another sleep, no point in being awake when there is nothing to see.

A little while later we arrived somewhere, Bulls I think. There was no one home, except some cats. Dad said something about Trevor leaving a key for us, so I assume this is Trevor's house. Really nice of him to let us stay. When Trevor got home, the twins were with him. They were cute, but a bit old for me. Cole and Riley were surprised when Mum knew their names, but it was a bit unfair as Mum and Dad had met them when the twins were quite young. We went out of dinner that night, after I had my dinner of course. Just went to the local pub. I decided there was nothing here for me so I went to sleep.

Monday morning came around so fast, probably not for Mum as I'm not sleeping through the night. Too much going on for sleeping, and I'm hungry when I wake up. Trevor went off to Uni and Mum and Dad went shopping in Palmerston North. Dad brought a new back pack and Mum brought some clothes for me and her at Katmandu. We went out to Ed and Karina's for lunch and to catch up with him. Ended up staying later than we thought, but it was good to see them again.

This week is interbase hockey week in Ohakea. Dad is playing for the Woodbourne/Wellington team and Mum is coaching the Auckland girls. Also Uncle Hadley has come down from Auckland to play for the Auckland mens team, so I think this is great! 3 days of games and relaxing. Dad's team drew their first game against Ohakea and then beat Uncle Hadley's team. Mum's girls drew against Ohakea and then had to go to strokes to see who would win. It went to the second round and finally the Auckland girls won. Dad's team came second and poor Uncle Hadley's team came last :( That's two years in a row Uncle Hadley hasn't been on Dad's team and Dad's team has beaten him... Maybe one day he'll learn he can't beat Dad at hockey :)

Thursday was the last day of hockey and prize giving that night. Mum and Dad decided to make the long trek back to Auckland too. Decided it was easier if I was asleep, I think they made the right decision too. Uncle Hadley made it into the Air Force hockey team, I was pretending to be asleep so I gave a bit of a cry when Uncles Hadley's name was called :)

The drive back to Auckland was very uneventful. We got through the desert road without a problem. Grandma B was telling mum later that there was an accident on the desert road that stopped traffic for a couple of hours. Lucky we left when we did. Sometime around 1am on Friday morning we arrived back home. I went back into my cot, home sweet home. Little did I know what was going to happen over the next week!

Next installment, cleaning and packing up the house in Whenuapai

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dad's Graduation

So, I have a little bit of catching up to do...

Way back in the beginning of July, the 9th to be exact, Aunty Ses (my GodMum), Mum and I flew all the way down to Blenheim to see Dad.

Background, Dad has been away on Initial Officier's Training Course (IOTC) since the beginning of April, so I haven't seen much of him. But the 9th July marks the end of my time away from Dad!

So plane ride down in the morning, not so many drama's. We parked the car in vallet parking, Aunty Ses went down to check us in, while Mum and I sorted the car out. We had Aunty Ses's car, and while Mum was at the check in counter for the car she realised she didn't have the keys. HA!!!! So we run all the way down to the other end of the domestic terminal to get the keys from Aunty Ses and then all the way back to give them to the lady so they could park the car. We then had just enough time to get back to the gate and board the plane... So much for Mum having breakfast, I wasn't worried cos I'd already had mine :)

The plane ride was so boring that I feel asleep, no point in crying, there was no where for me to go and the plane wasn't really big enough for Mum to walk around so I went to sleep instead. Dad left the car parked somewhere on Woodbourne, so when we arrived Aunty Ses went and found the car, Mum had no idea so she stayed with me and the luggage. When Aunty Ses came back, Mum took one look at the car seat and thought it had broken as there was a part missing and it wouldn't sit on the seat properly. Mum managed to use a bit of kiwi Macgyver and sorted the car seat out. She text Dad and Dad told her that he pulled that part off cos it looked wrong. Ha ha ha... at least it was all there and Mum could fix it.

Next stop breakfast for Mum and Aunty Ses, supermarket, a bit of shopping and then back to the welfare house for a sleep and to get ready for Dad's graduation. At 2pm we went back to base and sat down waiting for Dad's graduation to start. He marched out and he was pretty flash, he even had a sword, although I don't know what he was going to fight. During the ceremony, Dad pulled his sword out, I don't know whether he was trying to defend himself or attack, it was all a bit strange. Hadley's Mum Jo was there, I started to get a bit tired, so Jo took me for a walk so Mum could watch Dad. I came back and it was all over humf. Oh well, I was getting grumpy anyway. Aunty Ses took some photos and then we went back to the house to get ready for the evening function.

This is when Mum packed a bit of a sad, Dad wanted to be there right on 6, but I wasn't ready, so Dad went without Mum. Funny thing was there was no one there. Oh well! Dad came back and got Mum and I went into the creche. I pretty much slept the whole time. Mum and Dad came and got me later and we went home. They looked like they had a good time, although it was pretty cold outside, lucky I only had to be carried from the car to the house!

The next day we all went out. We went to Aunty Ses's favourite vineyard, Fromm. And then we went around and about, here and there... We went to this posh place for lunch, but I got bored so I went to sleep. We ended up at Jo and Murray's for afternoon tea. They have a flash house, very warm. I can't remember what we did for dinner. I had a bath and went to bed.

Sometime the next morning I was woken, suddenly there was nothing in the room I was staying in, I got put in the car and away we went... I consequently went back to sleep. It was far to early and dark and cold to get up.

Next thing I know I'm on a boat, but I'll leave that till next time...

Scott xx

PS: photo to come, Mum just has to stop being lazy and put the photos on the laptop so I can put one in here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Post

Hi, my Dad works in the RNZAF, we've been living in Auckland for all my life, but suddenly we aren't. I don't know what's going on, but this is a blog about my life "tagging along with Dad"