Monday, September 6, 2010

Home sick again

Well hello everyone, today is Tuesday and again Mum has me home from Creche. That's two days in a row. I just want to go and see my friends, who cares if there is stuff running out of my nose all the time and I'm coughing alot. Really my friends won't care...

Parents, who'd have them, I mean seriously, who'd have them. You get a wee bit sick, ok maybe I am sick, it has been a week, but still its only a cold, why can't I go to creche. I swear Mum doesn't listen to me.

I was just looking at when I posted last, my gosh how quickly time flies. It's Tuesday already, the weekend has come and gone and tomorrow its the middle of the week. We didn't get up to much on the weekend. Mum and Dad took a drive out to Otaki just to have a look around. Mind you it was a beautiful day, we walked the streets a bit (its full of outlet shops, so that's all I'm going to say about that). We had lunch at a cafe and I watched all the people going past. We then dropped off my car seat and portacot at Emily's Nanette's house. Why is MY car seat going there... I pretended to be asleep so I could find out more. Emily I couldn't find out anything, so still not sure what's happening!!!!! I'll post more on this when I find out, something fishy is going on, and I'll have to put on my James Bond outfit to find out.

Saturday afternoon was quiet, Mum and Dad did stuff around the house... Oh yeah Dad finally mowed the lawns... I watched him... but when he got the weed eater out and started it up, I didn't like the noise, Mum had to give me a cuddle because I was a bit scared. After a while it was ok... the lawn mower didn't bother me... Mum had me sitting in the stones out the back, I had lots of fun playing with them... I tried to put a couple in my mouth but Mum just caught me... damn it I thought I was being sneaky, but she was watching.

Monday came around too fast, Dad is in Auckland for work, he stayed there last night, so I was a bit unsettled for Mum... but we did ok. I didn't have an afternoon sleep yesterday cos i knew something was wrong and then worked it out when Dad didn't come home... that's when Mum told me he was in Auckland... Why couldn't he have taken me, I want to see Emily!

Oh well, it's Tuesday now, and I'm currently pretending to be asleep so I could sneak the computer to write on my blog, but soon enough Mum will work it out, so more from me later.

Luv Scott xxx

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