Sunday, September 12, 2010

13th September...

Well there is only a week left and Mum will be in America. She's going for two weeks, but that means that Dad's in charge and we can have some awesome fun together. And Jean is coming back to look after me. I'll miss you Mum, but it also looks like I'm going to have lots of fun at the same time.

What's been happening lately, I pretty sure I told you that I missed day care two days last week. I've been slowly getting over my cold, its taking a while. It must be the weather. Some days are nice and sunny and others its pouring down all the time. Not even the dogs want to go outside its that wet. Its not really cold, but its not warm either.

What did we do on the weekend... the Upper Hutt Spring Festival was on. They blocked off the main street and there were people everywhere. It was so packed Mum and Dad got separated all the time. Wasn't much there, and there were too many people :) So we went into the Mall to get Mum's book, had some lunch and went shopping. Mum and Dad brought some new bar stools for the kitchen and they brought me a cool new toy. A fire engine to ride on. I was trying to make it move but just couldn't figure out how. Maybe when I'm a bit older. Saturday afternoon Mum and Dad were putting the stools together, quite funny really.

Sunday was a slow day, doing things around the house. We didn't go out, Dad took the dogs for a walk again, he seems to do this every weekend... I was going to go, but then Mum wouldn't let me. She said that I still have a cold and it had started and stopped raining, so I wasn't allowed. Oh well next time. I decided I'm a big boy now, and don't need an afternoon sleep. Mum keeps thinking I do, cos she tells me that when I get tired at 5pm I have to suck it up and wait till 6. I tell her I don't want to wait, and she tells me I should have had a sleep. HMMMM!!!! I hate it when she is right. I did have lots of playing time with Dad and some quiet time too.

But now its Monday and its back to day care. (Yawn) time for a sleep, more later

Luv Scott xxxx

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