Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grandma & Granddads

Friday morning was a long morning of goodbyes. Mum had to say goodbye to Aunty Deb and I had to say goodbye to Emily. It wasn't much fun, but then goodbyes never are. But we are coming back up for Aunty's birthday, so it won't be that long...

After a bit we got into the car's and started the long drive to Grandma and Granddad's. Dad was in the truck with Orian and Zena and I was in the car with Mum. Soon enough though I feel asleep. Travelling does that to me. We stopped at Pironga, Mum had to wake me, and Dad was a little way behind me... but it was lunch time and I was hungry. This was our lunch stop and also time to water the dogs. Dad went and got lunch for himself and Mum, but I didn't see what they were eating, I was too busy eating my lunch. The one thing I didn't know, was I would have to get back into the car for another couple of hours :(

The house, now this part is told by Mum cos I was asleep. Everything should have been all set for the house buying today, because I rang the lawyer yesterday and all was in order. So when my friend Moira rang to say she wasn't allowed to pick up the keys, all hell broke loose. Well actually I was rather restrained. Between ringing my lawyer, the real estate agent and Moira, it took about 2 hours to get sorted. Everything was waiting on Upper Hutt Law to sort their SH!T out. They were dragging the chain, and we had to wait 2 hours for them to say yes everything was good, even though my lawyer had faxed through confirmation from the bank to say the money was in their account. I tell you I won't be using them EVER. So after some frustration, more because the movers were waiting at the house, and Moria had given up her day off to sit in the real estate office waiting for the keys, we finally got the keys and the movers could move everything in. Thank goodness and thanks Moira for being their when we couldn't. You're awesome!

The second part of the trip wasn't too bad, I slept for part of it, and about the last hour or so I was awake. Mum was lucky we arrived when we did, cos I was really starting to tell her it was play time I was sick of being in my car seat!! We arrived at Grandma and Granddad's and I was expecting them to come out and greet us, but they didn't. Hmmm what's going on here. Turns out they weren't home. I was waiting all weekend for them to come home so I could give them cuddles and kisses, and nothing happened. No Grandma and Granddad :( I think I remember later Mum and Dad talking about them being away, something about France and England. How dare they be somewhere else expect right here to see me! :) Oh well, I'll have to give them extra cuddles and kisses when I see them next, just to make up for it.

The weekend went by rather fast. Mum and Aunty Anna went for a walk with me in the pram. Dad and Uncle Pete did something else. I went to sleep as per usual, while everyone sat and had lunch in the sun. It was nice just being outside enjoying the sun. We went home, but Anna and Pete came around for dinner laterk that night. Dad got sick, which wasn't very good, spent the whole weekend in bed. We were going to visit Graham and Louise in their new house, and Dad couldn't get out of bed. Lucky he was feeling better on Sunday night, cos we were driving to Wellington tomorrow. But then Mum started feeling under the weather on Monday morning, but we all decided to go anyway. Better to get the trip out of the way, we'd deal with everything once we got to the new house.

Next stop... The new house in Upper Hutt.

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