Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 16th to 22nd

So last week, it wasn't that long ago, but I can't remember totally what I did. Jean came around on Monday and looked after me. I'm getting use to her looking after me. She is lots of fun, I wish she could look after me forever, well while Mummy and Daddy can't look after me... I still love them best.

I remember now, I went to visit my daycare... The staff were really nice. There were heaps of children there. I spent the whole time just watching the other kids. None of them looked like Emily though. I miss Emily.

Tuesday - today was much the same as yesterday. I need to talk to Mum about this... There is not very much to write about when we don't do anything. I played in my jolly jumper... thats lots of fun. Mum put in me the jumper so my feet weren't on the floor, and then swung me... I laughed and giggled. Then Daddy came home, Mum fed me and Dad bathed me and put me to bed. Ni night Dadddy...

Wednesday - Another day like yesterday, except Mum took dogs for a walk so I was all by myself with Jean... We had lots of fun... I was being naughty and wouldn't go to sleep... it took Mum a whole hour to finally get me to sleep after Jean went home... and then I didn't sleep very long :)

Thursday - Yay something different happened today, Jean, Mum and I went on a trip to Queensgate mall in Lower Hutt. Daddy took a trip up to Auckland. He didn't get to see anyone though cos it was a trip with work so he didn't have much time. I didn't see him when he got home, cos I was asleep. Lower Hutt was fun, we went shopping. Mum brought a dress, and then brought some cool clothes for me... Then the best part, we sat down for lunch... well I had afternoon tea and the girls had lunch. There was so much going on I hardly wanted my bottle. But I wasn't that stupid, I knew if I didn't drink it Mum would take it away, so I drunk it while watching what was going on at the same time. It was a fun day and it was something different :)

Friday - Today was a relaxing day, Daddy came home from work early and took the dogs for a walk, but not before playing with me. It was nice to spend some time with Daddy before going to bed. Mum is slowly cleaning up the house, it looks better and better every day. She has to get it clean, cos Grandma and Granddad are coming and she says its a good excuse to clean the house.

Saturday - Today we did something very unusual, we all got up early and we drove into town. There was a surprise waiting for me... Aunty Kristal hopped into the car. YAY Aunty Kristal. We went to the Brooklyn Cafe for breakfast and then took Aunty Kristal to the airport to go back to Auckland. I had lots of cuddles with Aunty and she even fed me my bottle. I was very lucky. Then Dad went to Partsmaster and we all went for a walk in the Lower Hutt Farmers market to get our veges. By the time we got home I was very tired, so I had a sleep. Dad did some chores outside and Mum cleaned the entrance way. It was a much more exciting day.

The best part, I sat on my own!!!! I was playing with my toys, Dad was behind me, but I didn't need him. I sat all by myself. Yay ME!!! Mum and Dad got really excited and Mum took lots of pictures. I tell you Mum is lethal with that camera. Every time I look at her she seems to be taking photos of me. I know I'm handsome but Mum there is such a thing as overboard.

Sunday was a quiet day at home. Dad went out to Mitre 10. I swear he almost lives there. He's spending all my inheritance in that store. I think there should be a Mitre 10 Anon, Dad would go if there was, cos he spends all our money there. We had lots of family time today. It was nice to spend so much time with both Mum and Dad.

Next week its my first week in day care and Grandma and Granddad come down to visit.

SJ xx

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