Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dad's First week at work

So its now August 9th, Aunty Ang's birthday. We've been in the house 2 weeks, and it still looks like a bomb hit it. The van lines guys have come and picked up most of the packaging, so there are only a few boxes left and the packaging can go out with the recycling, or so Dad says.

Monday morning rolls around and Dad gets up ultra early, in fact he's out the door before I get out of bed, how rude he didn't even say good-bye. At 9am, Jean the new nanny turned up. Mum had a chat with her, I thought she was really nice. So Mum went to work and Jean looked after me. We had lots of fun, she spent lots of time with me and fed me and gave me lots of cuddles, I really like her.

Monday seemed to go so fast, I had two sleeps and woke up and Jean was gone... Then Mum played with me. We were on the floor mat first and then in the exersaucer, we had lots of fun. Orian and Zena even tried to join in... I got to pat them from the exersaucer. Mum then fed me dinner and while I was having dinner, Dad came home. I was very happy to see him. He got to bath me and then give me a bottle and put me to bed. I love my Daddy!

Tuesday was much the same, I'm getting use to Jean looking after me instead of Mum. Its a bit different, but still lots of fun. Dad went to work again today, its different not having him around the house, but I suppose someone has to buy me clothes and toys!

You know 2 weeks ago was so long ago, I can't remember everything that happened. I think Jean took me for a walk on Wednesday, either Wednesday or Thursday. I got to go in the back pack for the first time. It was a bit scary, but still I had fun. We went for a 1/2 hour walk. I think Mum's getting lots of work done, and its fun being with Jean.

On Friday Dad spent the day at home, he had to do some work, but he and Mum went out and left me with Jean. I think they went supermarket shopping, it was probably nice for them to have some time without me, but I missed them. They did come home with lots of yummy food for me, so that made it ok. And also they brought a new toy for me... its a train that has balls that go around and it makes a noise. I've already figured out how to make it go, you just have to press the yellow button... The the balls keep falling down the hole, so I stop them by grabbing them before they fall. Then I just need to make sure that they aren't food, the easiest way to test that is to try eating them, HA.

The weekend was spent at home, we walked the dogs and worked on the house. Still lots of unpacking to do, but the house is getting there. It was nice to spend the weekend just with Mum and Dad. We all spend a quiet weekend at home.. Hopefully next weekend will be more interesting :)

Next week, not sure what's interesting about next week, but we'll see...


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  1. Now we are getting somewhere, finally able to post a comment as your Mother :)