Monday, August 16, 2010

Cleaning House

I'm still trying to catch up, but we're getting there...

its now the weekend of July 17th. Mum and Dad have to clean the house in Auckland so that we can move out. The movers are coming on Tuesday to start packing up the house and then its all being put on a truck and going somewhere... Mum said something about Wellington.

So cleaning of the house, Uncle Hadley came around on Saturday, he brought his brother Jeremy and his flatmate Pedro. They moved all the wood from under the house, lucky Hadley's Dad didn't have to come up and cut more wood :) cos Dad had already cut it all up. They took the truck away and Mum and Dad and Aunty Ses were cleaning up outside. Everyone decided it was such a nice day that they would get the outside done as it was suppose to rain all weekend. So much for the weather being accurate, but then it is Auckland. I spent alot of time outside in the sun in my exersaucer, it was nice to be outside having a bit of fun and watching Dad do lots of work.

By the end of the day, most of the outside was done, tomorrow Aunty Deb and Uncle Hadley will be coming around again, but for now I'm going to watch Uncle Rob jump off the Harbour bridge. The harbour bridge jump took ages, and you couldn't really see Uncle Rob jump but he said he had lots of fun, so thats all the matters. Tonight Uncle Hadley and Aunty Ses are coming around for dinner, but I think I'll get some sleep, its been a long day.

Sunday was another nice day, but Aunty Deb and Mum were inside cleaning the inside of the house. Dad and Uncle Hadley were outside again, finishing off the gardens and cleaning the outside of the house. In the afternoon Aunty Kim and Uncle Simi came around with their new dog Katara (not sure of spelling), so she had fun playing with Orian and Zena. That evening all of the outside was finished, they just had the inside to finish. My room still has to be cleaned and the lounge needs to be finished, but we have to wait for the packers to come in first.

I can't remember what happened on Monday, more cleaning if I remember rightly. that's all everyone seemed to do, clean and clean and clean right through until Wednesday night. On Tuesday we moved out of the Ngahue Cres house and went and stayed with Aunty Deb and Uncle Greg. It was so much fun playing with Emily. She's my best friend in all the world. The dogs were very good at Aunty's house too which was a change. Aunty Ses came back and helped with the house, thank goodness for her else Mum would have been really stressed. Dad worked really hard too. The packers came in on Tuesday and started packing up. They finished on Wednesday, but the truck was late. So when the woman came around to do the house inspection there was still lots of stuff in the house, so the inspection had to be put off till Thursday morning.

Mum was stressing as usual, but the inspection went well, we decided not to go to New Plymouth that day, we would spend another day in Auckland and leave on Friday morning. We spent the day just hanging around with Aunty Deb and Emily. Quite nice and relaxing compared to the last week. We went back around to Diane and Steve's place (our next door neighbours) to say good bye. Its really hard saying good bye to people you've got to know so well.

This was the real start of the good bye's. This would probably be the last time we would see the house for a long time, and we'd said good bye to Aunty Ses. Slowly we were saying good bye to our friends, as it would be a while before we saw them again.

Friday morning came around so quickly. Mum and Dad decided to drop Hailey and Michael off at School and Kindy, while Aunty Deb looked after me and Emily. When they got back it was time to leave. It was very sad to leave Emily behind, I would miss her very much. I had big plans of chasing her around the house, but that will have to wait for me to visit and of course for me to start walking, she's got a head start on me.

So this is the last time I'll be in Auckland for a while. Although Mum and I are coming up to visit on Aunty Deb's birthday, so that won't be far away. Now its the long trek down to Grandma and Granddad's in New Plymouth... but that will be in the next installment.

Scott xx


  1. I hope that when you get to the new house there will be photos!

  2. I promise Aunty, but remember Mum has to get around to putting the photos on the computer. But I'll just cry until she does. That might work :)