Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trentham - The first 2 weeks in the new house

Monday afternoon, Mum and I had gone into Wellington City to pick up the keys from Moira, while Dad had taken the dogs straight to the house. By the time we had arrived, Dad was having a good look around, and I woke up. It was a very uneventful opening of the house, considering this was their first, they should have made a big deal about it... but it was almost 3pm and it had been a long trip... and they had to make up my cot and my room!!!! I needed somewhere to sleep, so do they, but they can sort that out later, I wanted my cot... I hadn't slept in it for a while.

The one thing I hope is that we aren't moving around anymore, I must say I'd like to stay in one place for a while. I'm getting sick of sleeping in port-a-cots all the time, I want my own bed.

Well we walked into the house and there were boxes everywhere. My gosh I didn't realise how much crap Mum and Dad have... I don't believe they knew how much crap they had either. Dad and Mum got to work unpacking my room. It didn't take very long and my cot was up, and then the change table, and my dresser. I don't have much stuff, so my room doesn't look too bad. But for some reason there are still clothes everywhere. Come on Mum keep my room clean. Soon enough I was in my cot, with everything I'm use to around me, Mum put up my Thomas curtains, so it looks just like my other room, cept there isn't a double bed in this one... This room is ALL mine!

Over the next week, which Dad had off, the house slowly started to look normal again. We went supermarket shopping, Mum thinks things are expensive down here. She was complaing about rubbish bags, they are $2.58 each and don't hold very much. So Dad sorted out a wheelie bin. Much easier.

By the time Friday rolled around things were starting to move along nicely. There were empty boxes everywhere, the kitchen still wasn't fully unpacked, but enough that they could cook dinner. Friday afternoon and Mum isn't feeling very well. She's lying on the couch not playing with me at all. Keeps saying she is cold, ok we have the oil heaters on, and it's not Auckland, but its not that cold. She has a duvet on and she's still cold. Mum got pretty sick over the next couple of days. So sick she actually went to the doctor. Her temperature was 39.6 C, pretty high... The doc said she has Swine Flu, and basically she needs to take Tamiflu and panadol and just wait to get over it. Not very nice, but there isn't really much she can do about it.

So Dad's first week at work was spent at home looking after Mum and I. I liked Dad looking after me, it was fun. He unpacked the kitchen and did a few things around the house. Mum slept most of the day. But she did spend some time with me... usually I was in my exersaucer and she would watch. By Thursday Mum had started to feel better, she started to play with me thats how I know... but in the afternoon she still slept. She was back on her feet on the weekend, but we just had a weekend at home.

I forgot to tell you about Aunty Deb's birthday, it was on the 3rd of August and Mum and I were suppose to fly up to Auckland for the night, but Mum was too sick. It was a shame cos I really wanted to see Emily, I miss her lots and I'm sure Mum misses Aunty Deb too.

Dad takes the dogs for a walk down at this neat park for dogs, Orian and Zena can actually run around off the leash, they love it, Mum sometimes walks to the road with me and then walks back again, she was still pretty weak.

So that was the first couple of weeks in the new house. I'll post some photos soon, Mum won't take photos of a messy house so you'll have to wait. Next week I had a nanny so that Mum can work. Her name is Jean, but I'll tell you all about her next time.

SJ xxx

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