Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm excited to tell you that Grandma and Granddad Jamieson are coming tonight. But Mum is being a real meanie, she won't let me stay up to see them when they arrive. I'll show her, just you wait, I'll be awake when they arrive no matter what Mum says.

So that's the exciting news for today... the other news, I'm now going to day care, I'm not telling you which one, cos you might come and kidnap me and I'm scared enough that Mum won't come back that I don't need to be kidnapped on top of that!!!! I'm a little apprehensive when Mum drops me off, Carol holds me and I watch Mum leave. Mum says she isn't sure whether I'm going to cry or not. To be honest I don't know either. I do have fun at day care though, well after Mum goes. I have small sleeps, but thats better than nothing. There are lots of kids for me to watch, and I'm starting to get to know them better. They like bringing me toys, which I like too, means I don't have to move!

Mum picks me up at 3 everyday, well she has every day this week, then we come home and spend some quality time together. Mum just lies around while I play with my toys.. Its nice to have Mum so close. Then at 5pm its dinner time, Dad comes home at 5.15 and by then its time for my bath. Dad runs the bath and Mum gets me undressed. Then its play time with Dad in the bath, lots of splashing and swimming... Unfortuately Dad has this idea that I'm dirty and ensists on cleaning me. I'm more into the playing than cleaning. After the bath, its into my PJs and sleep sac, which Mum, is getting a bit small. Then its time for a bottle, and I'm so tired that when I'm put into bed, I just fall asleep.

But its almost the weekend, and Mum says I'm not going to day care tomorrow. I get to spend the whole day with Grandma and Granddad... Although I bet Mum wanted to mow the laws tomorrow, but looking outside at the weather, that isn't going to happen. It might just be a weekend inside. I bet Mum will want to go shopping, she always wants to go shopping, but I'm sure I have enough clothes.

Well that's about all, nothing much has been happening this week. Oh did I tell you I can now sit by myself. Mum puts a pillow behind me just in case, but I've only needed it once. I'm such a show off. Wait till Grandma and Granddad see :) Also I think Mum said something about Grandma Barb ringing on Skype so I can see her this weekend. That will be fun, I like looking at people on the computer. I can't kiss them though, which just isn't fair.

I had better get back to playing with the kids at day care... None of them is Emily, gosh I miss her lots...

SJ xxx

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